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About 'The Incognito'

Makk Rodgers presents...

An edge of the seat thriller

A Stormy Night... A Young Boy Murdered... A Strange Weapon used...

How long before the enemy strikes again?


    n a stormy night, tragedy strikes as Jimmy, a young student, is found dead in his own apartment. A strange weapon further deepens the mystery. When Raymond Prince, a private detective, takes on the case, he soon finds a web of interlinked pieces bound to this heinous incident. The more he digs, the more he realizes that this is not just another murder but rather a speck on the colossal canvas. He quickly starts losing the key witnesses, as enemies are willing to go to any lengths to wipe out even the last traces of their involvement. He even loses the only eye-witness of the murder in a high-stakes gun battle.

Before he can progress, another student is murdered, casting a shadow of suspicion on Jimmy’s best friends.

Raymond follows a delicate thread that takes him out of the country, and then it becomes a race against time to solve the mystery and fight for his own survival!

Will he succeed in pulling the curtain on the sinister web of crimes?

Who would be 'The Incognito' roaming around wearing the mask of modesty?


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Acclaim for 'The Incognito'

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About Makk Rodgers

Hi…. Welcome to my author page. My first novel 'The Incognito' has been published. If you have already read it or found it while browsing and thinking of reading it, it’s awesome to meet you here!!!

I have worked in the arena of finance throughout my career. However I did know that I had something hidden in me to get involved in the world of art, and one day, as if a magical feather flipped in the air, an idea crossed my mind, and I started writing something that turned out to be a classic mystery novel.

The first draft was satisfactory…but only satisfactory. Something was truly missing, and I found that it was the conviction with which it had to be narrated to present it more convincingly to the world. I reworked the initial draft... may be several times... and then it gave birth to the dream ‘one’. I enjoyed the whole process of writing, editing, proofreading, formatting, cover-designing, and finally publishing.

About the first novel that I have written and published...

It’s a gripping murder mystery. A thriller that has introduced my perspicacious, intelligent, smart, and daring private detective... 'Raymond Prince'. The novel is a thriller Race Against Time for Raymond to unveil the curtain on the sinister web of crimes and uncover the 'Incognito' who is roaming around wearing the mask of modesty.

My upcoming novel would be the second in the series of Raymond’s brilliant and daring investigation to unveil another intriguing mystery.

Hope you will enjoy my book as much as I have enjoyed my journey of writing!

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